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That Poor Poodle

Looks like you won a plaque, congrats! Now go hang it on your living room wall for no one to see because you’re going to die alone.

9 Comments to That Poor Poodle

  1. oh and FYI… all the pictures of creative grooming you STOLE are copy written,, you can be SUED for using them.. and i will be contacting the photographer

  2. sandy on August 24th, 2012
  3. You know you are being rude to professional groomers who compete in creative grooming. Oh and you are using pictures without the creators permission as I know you didn’t ask first.

  4. Gina on August 24th, 2012
  5. ALL of these pictures you are using for your website of Creative Grooming (colored dogs) are copyrighted and can and probably will be sued for using since you didn’t get approval! These are for competition that have set rules on products that we are allowed to use. SO I would watch your email for a message from a lawyer. Have a nice day now.

  6. Dawn on August 24th, 2012
  7. Gina is a loud mouthed uptight cunt.

  8. Hey Gina on August 25th, 2012
  9. i honestly cant understand how anyone can do this to an animal they claim they love, would you dye your children’s skin/hair and cover them with tats/piercings? just to enter a competition?

    i have no problem with professional groomers but you guys really need to stop looking at the bottom dollar and learn to say NO how do you honestly know it has NO effect on an animal?

    people who do this to their dogs and those who dress their animals up as humans really do need to be locked up and treated for mental health issues, we all LOVE our animals, we all treat them like members of the family but we dont ALL dress them up as little humans and those catering to them as just con artists ripping sick people off

  10. jeannine on August 26th, 2012
  11. yeah I wouldn’t put a dog through all that either, especially on a regular basis. I’m sure everyone who does it claims their dog loves the attention though. Granted I think dog shows in general are complete BS too.

  12. bitchy the dwarf on August 26th, 2012
  13. As a person who has a dog that LIKES to wear clothing I’m offended you’d lump me in with women like above. Minnie only weights 7.4 pounds and tends to get colder than large dogs. She has actually REFUSED to leave the house unless dressed. Stiffened up her legs, locked her knees, and refused to even be dragged. I’ve tried to make her sleep without her PJs on because of how hot it was, she kept waking me up and would not let me sleep until I put something on her.

    Since Minnie used to be a breeder in a puppy mill, kept in a cage barely bigger than she was, neglected, fed barely enough to keep her alive, left standing around in her own wastes, if she wants to wear clothing she can. And people who judge me without knowing the situation are the ones who need mental help.

  14. Jami on August 26th, 2012
  15. considering your dog can NOT speak to you how the heck do you know he or she likes wearing clothes? just because he or she gets excited when you have finished dressing it doesnt mean it likes it it just means your voice has excited him/her

    YOU have created your dogs problems YOUR the one whose body language wont let her be a dog, all dogs will with patience learn to become dogs again

    i am sorry she was a puppy mill dog and good on you for rescuing her but come on you have put her into a physiological cage one that has been made in her mind and that is just as dangerous if not more

    i dont have mental health because im not the one trying to make my four footed family member into a human being, i realise a dog is a dog not a human, i have dogs and i love them both to death and they are my ‘babies’ but no way in hell would i EVER dress them or have their fur cut like this…people who do this and dress them do so for their OWN reasons and that is usually seeking attention because they LACK something in their real lives

    can you imagine the physiological damage your doing to your dog but by all means convince yourself she loves it because she gets excited by your reactions, god help these poor animals

  16. jeannine on August 27th, 2012
  17. also for those who mention the copyright photos then perhaps you need to mention to the sites that are hosting with permission that perhaps they should disable the right click ability, that will stop all but the most persistent person, its a very simple little code to add and perhaps they should also look at having the images stamped in some way or having the sites for members only

  18. jeannine on August 27th, 2012

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