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Loyal Dog Stays With Fallen Soldier Until The End

When Jon Tumilson left to fight for his country as a US Navy SEAL, he had to leave behind a friend who would never forget him. Jon’s life was cut short while coming to the aid of others; something that did not surprise his friends and family. When his funeral began, his loyal friend Hawkeye led the family in. He then continued on to the front where, with a heaving sigh, he dropped down. He remained there for the entire service.

It was said at his funeral that had he of known he was going to suffer the fate that he did when he set off to help, he still would went. Courage like that is something you find in few, and many of those few enlist in the military to dedicate their lives to protecting the freedom of others. Honor our veterans, any way that you can.

DailyMail UK article

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